How To Get Ready For A Heating Oil Delivery Depending On The Location Of Your Oil Tank

6 July 2019
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If you have heating oil delivered to your home, you want to make sure that you make the delivery process as easy as possible for the delivery driver. Your home is just one of many stops they will have to make. How to prepare for the delivery of your heating oil depends upon the location of your heating oil tank. Location #1: Basement If your heating oil tank is in the basement, you should clean out your basement before the delivery person shows up. Read More 

Why Isn’t Your Company Selling Off Its Industrial Scrap?

8 May 2019
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If you operate any kind of business where industrial scrap is produced, you likely know the pain of having to round up and dispose of this material on a regular basis. But if you are just disposing of or recycling the material and not getting any money for it in the process, you're doing it wrong. Today, there are more and more companies out there interested in scrap metal from businesses just like yours. Read More 

What To Do If You Need To Use A Fire Hydrant

8 November 2018
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A fire hydrant provides what seems like a near limitless supply of water. However, it's critical to understand that fire hydrants are not personal property; they are owned by government agencies, both state and local. As a result, if you need to use a fire hydrant for any reason, there are certain steps you must follow beforehand. Learn what you need to do if you must use a fire hydrant. Read More 

3 Keys For Building Automation

5 October 2018
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When you are thinking about taking your company to new heights, give yourself the benefit of the tools that will help you out. In this regard, building automation is a great tool to have for a number of reasons. With this in mind, follow these tips and tackle them so that you are in good hands when caring for your building and allowing your business to thrive.  #1: Learn why building automation is so crucial Read More 

Understanding The Basics Of Recycling Carbide Inserts

29 June 2018
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If your manufacturing facility relies on carbide inserts for your production equipment, you know how common it is for the cutting edge to dull and the inserts to need replacement. While carbide inserts are often treated as a disposable, replaceable component, the fact is that carbide steel is not as plentiful as some other metals, nor is it as affordable. That makes it worth considering both recycling your used inserts and buying inserts from a supplier that deals with recycled materials. Read More